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Tuesday February 12, 2013

Now YOU Can Rank Oscar's Best Picture Winners

Oscar's best picture winners: 1927 to today

It began more than a year ago when I ranked the 2011 best picture nominees by IMDb score.

Then I wrote a post in which I ranked all of Oscar's best picture winners, from 1927 to 2011, by IMDb rating.

Then I wondered: How would I rank them all? So I did.

Now I'm wondering how you would rank them.

I went to wallopin' webmaster Tim with a question: Can we create a simple way for readers to rank the 85 best picture winners? We need to make sure all of the movies are on the screen at the same time. (That's tough doing.) We need a way to eliminate all of the unseen movies. (Even I haven't seen them all.) Then there should be a way for readers to share their list either here or abroad. (Because that's the fun part.)

Tim went to work and ... Here it is! An interactive page in which YOU rank every Oscar best-picture winner from 1927 to today.

Feel free to play around with it. Fee free to send me your list with any comments or suggestions.

What you may find? If you're a movie lover? There will be 10-20 movies that you know will be at the top of your list, and 5-10 movies that you know will be at the bottom of your list; then there will be a whole lot of meh in the middle. The Academy is good at this: declaring meh the best.

What I've realized looking at this list again? The most recent years have been a drag. There's not much since the mid-1990s that make my top 20. I think just “No Country for Old Men.” Most of the others elicit a shrug. Maybe this will change with time.

But enough from me. Have at. Enjoy. Argue.

Oscar's best picture winners from 1927 to today

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