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Monday March 03, 2014

Nikki Finke on What We'll Be Watching in Five Years

“It will all blur, now that youíve got Netflix and Amazon and everything. I think a lot of it is going to blur. It used to be you only wanted to be in a movie. If you couldnít be in a movie you wanted to be in a network series. If you couldnít be in a network series, then maybe HBO. Because remember, youíre not getting paid as much for all these things. And then cable. †In five years, youíre not even going to be aware of where the hell youíre watching, if itís broadcast, if itís cable, if itís Netflix. TV is getting so smart right now and the platforms on your phone and your iPad and everything, youíre just watching. Youíre not even going to be aware what it is, youíre just watching.”

-- Nikki Finke, in “Nikki Finke: The Kindle Singles Interview” by David Blum. I read it in about an hour. Pretty interesting. She's particularly good on the studios and studio chiefs, and who greenlit what, and who was a bastard to whom, all of which I know almost nothing about. I particularly like the last line of the quote above. Reminds me of Chance the Gardener.

Kevin Spacey, House of Cards

“Democracy is so overrated.”

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