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Monday August 05, 2019

Ng Joins Breitbart

Last week I read that David Ng, entertainment reporter for the LA Times, was hired by the right-wing propaganda site Breitbart.

First thought: Is that the guy who... 

Yes, that's the guy.

Two years ago, Ng wrote a piece in the Times whose headline says it all: “In liberal Hollywood, a conservative minority faces backlash in the age of Trump.” I wrote a response for Salon a few days later mostly attacking the notion of a liberal McCarthyism or a liberal Hollywood blacklist—notions perpetuated by right-wing propaganda sites like ... Breitbart.

And now the writer of that Times article is with Breitbart. Shocked, shocked.

He's written often of the Breitbart. Such as here in late Nov. 2016: Breitbart News sees advertisers exit, calls Kellogg's decision ‘un-American’

The ickiness is really in pretending they‘re not doing what they’re doing; that they‘re legit. Like this: 

“I’ve always been drawn to publications that have an iconoclastic voice and that challenge the orthodoxy on both sides of the political spectrum. Breitbart is definitely that,” says Ng. “It's hard to overestimate the impact that Andrew Breitbart has had on our current political and cultural climate, and I'm excited to be part of that legacy.”

“Both sides.” Good god. 

“I'm excited to be part of that legacy.” Have fun with the white supremacists, David.

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