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My Weekend in iPhotos

After work Friday I walked from my office in lower Queen Anne to the new ferris wheel along the Seattle waterfront, envisioned by Hal Griffith, called “the Seattle Great Wheel,” and recently opened for business. Patricia wanted to ride on it for her birthday, which was over a month ago, but it took this long to get a Friday all her friends could attend.

On the way, I encountered more people than I'd anticipated. Lower Queen Anne, Belltown, the waterfront: they were everywhere. They were also ... how shall I say this? ... really stupid-looking. One woman in a bikini was topless. Most eyes were glazed. I assumed a concert was going on so I asked one of the passersby what the what. “Hempfest, dude,” I was told and he encouraged me to come along. It was a spirited crowd. But man did they look dumb. Not the best advertisement for their product. The Associated Press has a good article on the Hempfest crowds, some of whom, believe it or not, are against legalizing marijuana via I-502. I'm in favor of it—the crowds I encountered notwithstanding.

Finally I arrived. P was already there, with surreptitious margaritas, and we were soon joined by her brother and sister-in-law, Alex and Jayne, her brother Jack, his significant other, Tess, along with friends Laura, Paige, Vinny and Ward.

I was actually nervous about the Ferris Wheel. It goes way up and I'm kinda afraid of heights.

Seattle Great Wheel, downtown Seattle, waterfront

Way up.

It turned out to be completely enclosed and incredibly smooth, and it was a beautiful night for a ride and a view. We had to split up—the max is eight to a compartment, and we had 10—and our group of five (Alex, Jayne, Patricia, Ward, me) enjoyed ourselves, although some thought that along with a HELP button (a red button on the top of the comparment) there should be some kind of ADULT BEVERAGE button. To better toast the city. And ourselves.

On the Great Wheel: August 2012, Seattle

Ward and Patricia talking adult beverages.

On the Great Wheel along the Seattle Waterfront: August 2012

Alex in his element.

The southern view from Seattle's Great Wheel: August 2012

The southern view: Smith Tower, stadia, Rainier, the Bainbridge ferry.

Then we went to Green Leaf in the ID for dinner—the place that is fast becoming my favorite restaurant in Seattle:

Green Leaf restaurant in the ID in Seattle

The next day, P, Alex, Jayne and I hiked Annette Lake. I did it last year and remember it being a breeze. This year was a little tougher. But it's been a tough year.

Annette Lake, Washington

That night, my friend Tim and I took in a game at Safeco. The M's won their fourth in a row, 3-2, on a sac fly in the bottom of the ninth. Mid-game I bought some Ivar's fish-n-chips and a beer and realized that it cost the same as my portion of the fantastic meal at Green Leaf.

Safeco Field, August 2012

Sunday, as is the tradition, I rested.

How was your weekend?

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Alex Bradbury wrote:

Fun night, and the Green Leaf was a fantastic choice. I'm still wondering if they made a mistake on the bill — all that fabulous food and drink for $20 a head??? I'm not so sure we could've gotten away with that in Hanoi.

Comment posted on Mon. Aug 20, 2012 at 06:25 PM

gary wrote:

We had a great weekend on the east coast too. Weather was our friend for the first time all summer. Friday was outside martini's and salmon dinner (first outside of the summer). Saturday, a contractor walk through of a potential house. He said - you're a fool if you don't. So we did. Sunday a nice long bike trip bringing along 2 newbies and putting them through many paces, their least favorite “steel bridge”, good choice. Oh and of course the best, Red Sox 1 - Yankees 2 out of 3. Know you appreciate that Eric. Gotta love our new addition, way to go Ichero!!!!! Not one, but two home runs and a real friend to Derek.

Comment posted on Mon. Aug 20, 2012 at 06:46 PM

Karen wrote:

I worked on Saturday--and the big story was three generations killed in a car crash by a 21 year old kid who had been drinking.

Comment posted on Mon. Aug 20, 2012 at 08:07 PM

Erik wrote:

Alex, I was wondering the same thing.

Karen, that sounds awful.

Gary, “martinis,” “walk-through,” “Erik,” and “Ichiro.”

Comment posted on Mon. Aug 20, 2012 at 08:34 PM

Alex Bradbury wrote:

Erik, even I — the guy who doesn't pay the slightest attention to baseball — winced at “Ichero.”

Comment posted on Mon. Aug 20, 2012 at 09:56 PM

Bob wrote:

I'm so happy my Twins contributed to your idyllic weekend. They've been very good at that lately.

Comment posted on Tue. Aug 21, 2012 at 01:19 PM
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