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Thursday September 09, 2010

MSNBC-Movies: Running on Empty

What's up with the Movies page? For five years I freelanced for them, averaging about 20 pieces a year, but then they aggregated more and more unoriginal content (both senses) from AP and Newsweek, and eventually they ditched the freelance budget.

Aggregating is pretty much all they do now. Here's a screenshot from a few days ago...

The aggregated stories on the left-hand side are new but what's with the slideshows on the right? The bottom one, about “Doomsday Movies,” is tied to the release of the film “2012,” which came out last November, while the top trumpets such new December releases as “Avatar,” “Up in the Air” and “Sherlock Holmes.” I can hardly wait.

Seriously, does anyone from MSNBC even visit the site? Does anyone visit the site? One half expects an animated tumbleweed to come rolling across the screen.

Sad. It used to be a place to go to. Now it's this.

Well, I'm sure it's profitable anyway.

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