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Wednesday May 13, 2020

More IMDb/Amazon Fails

“The Millonaire” is a 1931 drama/comedy starring George Arliss, who was taking Hollywood by storm after a hugely successful career on the stage. He played, for example, the title role of “Alexander Hamilton” in the 1910s on Broadway (100 years before LMM's musical version) and reprised it in the movies in the ‘30s. He was often promoted as “America’s First Actor.” But I'm interested in the movie less for him than for a small supporting role played by James Cagney. I‘ve seen every early Cagney (1930-34) but that one. Problem? “The Millionaire” is a tough get. Even Scarecrow Video in Seattle, which has everything, doesn’t have it.

I forget why but last week I was on the movie's IMDb page and saw this: 


Wait. Watch on Prime Video? Wow. Now only could I finally see the movie but I could see it for free. You can't believe how excited I got. Until I clicked on the link. This is where I was taken:

Missed it by that much

Via Twitter, I tried to alert both IMDb and Prime (both owned by Amazon) to their mistake but so far nothing's been fixed. It's the same old glitch.

That said, if anyone knows where I can watch a version of the Arliss “Millionaire,” please give a shout

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