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Saturday May 24, 2014

Miss Me Yet? Part III

“We had a couple of meetings with [Pres. George W. Bush], and there were detailed discussions and briefings on cyber-security and often terrorism, and on a classified program. With the cyber-security meeting, he seemed—I was disturbed because he seemed to be trying to impress us, the people who were briefing him. It was as though he wanted these experts, these White House staff guys who had been around for a long time before he got there—[he] didn’t want them buying the rumor that he wasn’t too bright. He was trying—sort of overly trying—to show that he could ask good questions, and kind of yukking it up with Cheney.

”The contrast with having briefed his father and Clinton and Gore was so marked. And to be told, frankly, early in the administration, by Condi Rice and [her deputy] Steve Hadley, you know, 'Don’t give the president a lot of long memos, he’s not a big reader.' Well, shit. I mean, the president of the United States is not a big reader?“

-- Richard Clarke, chief White House counterterrorism adviser, from Vanity Fair's ”An Oral History of the Bush Administration"

Miss Me Yet? George W. Bush

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