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Wednesday February 27, 2019

Michael Cohen Speaks

Here's a good sum-up of today's congressional hearings with Trump's former personal attorney, now right-wing bete noire, Michael Cohen. 

Basically, Democrats were interested in searching for truth, Republicans in obfuscating it. Maybe more charitably: Democrats were interested in what the witness had to say, Republicans in tarnishing that witness—and even the hearing itself—in order to discount what the witness had to say.

Headlines as early as last night said Cohen would call Trump a racist and a con man, but that's been obvious all of Trump's life to anyone paying attention. It was obvious in 2015 and 2016 when he was campaigning for president. He began on a racist note. Hell, the one thing Trump isn't a con man on is his racism. That's why racists support him no matter what. He's their last best hope. 

Current New York Times headline:

Cohen Says President Told Him to Lie About Hush Money Payments

Washington Post:

Trump was deeply involved in hush-money plan, Cohen says

Ford called Watergate “our long national nightmare.” What's this? “Our shallow, stupid reality show”?

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