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McCain: Rash and Not Bright. Sound Familiar?

As always, Frank Rich is worth reading and today he focuses on the haste with which John McCain makes his decisions and declarations. Here’s the money graph in easy-to-read list form:

  1. In October 2001, he speculated that Saddam Hussein might have been behind the anthrax attacks in America.
  2. That same month he out-Cheneyed Cheney in his repeated public insistence that Iraq had a role in 9/11 — even after both American and foreign intelligence services found that unlikely.
  3. He was similarly rash in his reading of the supposed evidence of Saddam’s W.M.D. and in his estimate of the number of troops needed to occupy Iraq. (McCain told MSNBC in late 2001 that we could do with fewer than 100,000.) It wasn’t until months after “Mission Accomplished” that he called for more American forces to be tossed into the bloodbath. The whole fiasco might have been prevented had he listened to those like Gen. Eric Shinseki who faulted the Rumsfeld war plan from the start.

“Often my haste is a mistake,” McCain conceded in his 2002 memoir, “but I live with the consequences without complaint.”

Rich then asks, as if it needed asking, “Well, maybe it’s fine if he wants to live with the consequences, but what about his country? Should the unexamined Palin prove unfit to serve at the pinnacle of American power, it will be too late for the rest of us to complain.”

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Mister B wrote:

If McCain still had a conscience, Friday's Daily Show segment comparing the old McCain to the new McCain would've made him resign.

And after TDS ran a comparison between McCain's 2008 speech and Dubya's 2000 speech, my jaw dropped.

Not only do Republicans seem to forget the 2004 campaign (trashing Kerry then and praising McCain now -- and yes, I know McCain didn't protest the war), but they also seem to have no idea that their new agent of change appeared to plagiarize the eight-year-old speech of the very guy running the government he's promising to change.

It was like something out of "Back To The Future":

"Re-elect Mayor Goldie Wilson -- Change is his middle name"
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