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Mariners on Top Again! (In Years Since Postseason)

It's time for this again. I would've posted a few weeks ago but I've been distracted by the end of American democracy.

Mariners on top, Cubs on bottom! Except you want to be on bottom. It's the list of teams who have struggled the longest without a postseason berth. For most of this period, eight of out 30 teams made the cut, so in an ideal situation, you think you'd go every four years? On average? Then it became 10 out of 30 teams. A 33% chance! Yet my M's have still been postseasonless for 15 years; 16 next year.

MLB years since postseason 2016 Mariners

And really there's no one close. Marlins,sure, but the last time they went, in 2003, they actually won the World Series. The Mariners have never even been.

Really, only the San Diego Padres comes close to us: nothing for 10 years, and just two LDSes this century. Maybe that's why they're our natural rival.

More later.

Posted at 05:17 AM on Wed. Nov 16, 2016 in category Seattle Mariners  
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