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Friday March 29, 2019

Lowbrow Meditative

My friend Jim Walsh has a new piece on Jodi Ayres, the owner of the Lowbrow bar and restaurant in South Minneapolis, which, with its baseball card counter, just happens to be one of my fave places in the Twin Cities. Been to it a few times over the years. Need to go again.

Love this quote:

“We never wanted to open a sports bar,” said Ayres. “We‘re restaurant people, but we wanted that cozy place where people could talk and neighbors could come, and I just think baseball is really meditative. ... It’s just my kind of game.”

Last night, after winning two games in Japan last week, the Seattle Mariners opened the season at home by crushing Chris Sale and the World Champion Boston Red Sox 12-4. Made me flash back to this 2017 game when we couldn't touch him.

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