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Like the Best Show Ever

My friend Craig, below and in the New York Times, discusses how most Americans reacted to 9/11 as if it were just something that happened on TV, which, for most of them, is exactly what it was. We seem to be reacting to the presidential election in the same way. As if itís just a show. As if thereís no connection between us and these characters except in how they entertain us.

The Biden pick? So boring. We saw that coming. Yeah, six terms in the U.S. Senate. Yeah, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. But he talks too much, doesnít he? Thatís kind of funny. Letís make a joke about that. Otherwise get him off stage.

The Palin pick? How exciting! Boy, did that jazz things up! Did you see how everyone was against her, and saying shit about her experience and all, and then she gave that speech and showed them? Wow, that was great! Such twists and turns in the storyline. Itís like ďLost,Ē you know? I gotta keep watching to find out what happens. And her family? Who knows whatís going on there? We can talk about them forever.

That great line she had about selling the plane on e-Bay? What do you mean it was a lie?

And how she fought the Bridge to Nowhere? What do you mean she supported it?

Wow, this woman will say anything to stay on! I gotta keep watching.

And now this interview thingee with Charlie Gibson. Yeah, she didnít know what the Bush Doctrine is. Who does? Yeah, when she sent her son off to war, she said 9/11 was responsible for Iraq or whatever. But how cool was that when she started talking about a war with Russia! Like, a real war! Take those commies, man. I mean, Obamaís all blah-blah-blah about the Constitution and shit, but she kicks ass!

Seriously, I thought they were gonna kick her off the show weeks ago, and now she might even win it? This is like the best show ever.

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Mister B wrote:

The above is probably the only explanation any of us need to understand why "Big Brother" is in its 8th season -- at least.

Contestant (who would be me if I were on the show and the other contestants were the presidential and vice presidential candidates): "When are we gonna vote off the old guy and the crazy substitute teacher chick? They spend way too much time together and they're beyond creeping me out. They just met here on the show and he's already called her his soulmate. Eeeew!"
Comment posted on Sat. Sep 13, 2008 at 09:06 AM
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