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Friday September 27, 2019

Liddle' Shop of Horrors

In the wake of the Ukraine scandal and the beginning of impeachment inquiries by the U.S. House of Representatives, Pres. Trump remains as calm and steadfast as ever:

Immediate thoughts:

  • “discribing”
  • “hyphen”? He means apostrophe
  • What the hell is Liddle with an apostrophe anyway? I get “Liddle.” In his usual bully-at-recess manner, Trump is trying to make a U.S. representative seem small—smaller than even the use of “Little”—by saying it like a kid would say it. But what's “Liddle” apostrophe? That's nothing. Is he thinking “Li‘l”? As in “Li’l Abner”?

I don't think I'm smart enough to fathom this stupidity.

Reminder: This is the president of the United States.

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