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Lessons in Headline-Making

Here's the headline in today's Seattle Times:

Dissent stalls GOP debt plan

Here's what it should have read:

Dissent among GOP stalls GOP debt plan

Is that partisan? Of course not. It's factual.

Does it matter what the headline reads? Of course it does. Most people, if they even see the headlines, don't get past the headlines. The current headline makes it seem Republicans and Democrats are in disagreement. That's a problem but it's not this problem. Not nearly. Folks glancing at the headline need to know what the real problem is.

The real problem is a GOP problem. They have people in government who don't believe in government, who want to bring down government, who want to shrink it and (their words) kill it in the cradle. It's their final solution after 30 years of Reaganesque anti-government pronouncements. We're already here.

Welcome to the jungle. Welcome to hard times.

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Reed wrote:

When do we get to start calling these TPers “anarchists”? Some people used to take pride in such a title.

Comment posted on Fri. Jul 29, 2011 at 11:13 AM
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