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Friday July 10, 2015

Lancelot Links in Cars Getting 'Right Stuff' References

  • The latest “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee” is with Stephen Colbert, who, while squeezing into Jerry's 1964 Moregan Plus 4, says, “I want to ask you for a stick of Beemans before I strap in here.” Made me smile. If you don't get it, see No. 3 on this list
  • What is Greece teaching the EU and the rest of the world? All about capitalism, according to Business Insider's Jim Edwards. 
  • What's the matter with Seattle's insane rate of growth? A lot, says Jeff Reitman, including traffic, lack of public transportation, and the single, white male phenomenon that is
  • MCN's David Poland lists off the landmark events for theatrical revenue models during the past 50 years. Well, *I* was interested. 
  • Is Ted Cruz, or someone associated with him, attempting to buy his way onto The New York Times best-seller list? The NY Times thinks so. Conservatives, no surprise, are up in arms.
  • Milan Kundera has a new book out but no Kindle version. For a reason.  
  • Jeffrey Wells, who is sick to death of superhero movies, actually loves “Ant-Man.” “Yes,” he writes, “Ant-Man is 'silly' but it embraces that. It's sharp and fast and disciplined as a Marine. It takes itself seriously in terms of its own efficiency and (I'm serious) its own emotional undercurrents.” 
  • I've interviewed a lot of lawyers who became lawyers because of Atticus Finch in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” Now the much-debated sequel, “Go Set a Watchman”—which was actually written before “Mockingbird”—is about to go on sale. And how is the ur-Atticus in that one? An Atticus of the 1950s as opposed to the 1930s? According to The New York Times' Michiko Kakutani, this Atticus is a bit of a racist bastard. He attends Klan rallies. He rails against the NAACP and its lawyers. If it helps, Scout is disappointed, too.
  • Someone who might be happy about this awful turn of literary events? Indiana Jones
  • Jayson Stark doles out his first-half award winners for the MLB season. Yeah, Harper and Trout. Yep, Max Scherzer. Also Robinson Cano for LVP. Yes, “L” stands for what you think it stands for. 
  • Donald Trump is an easy target. But whose fault is that? 

Gregory Peck as Atticus Finch 

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view, Scout. Take the Klan, for instance."

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