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Sunday September 09, 2012

Lancelot Links

  • From The Telegraph, 50 Years of James Bond posters! Cool. Until I realized it wasn't really 50 years. It's 10 posters: seven from the 1960s, one from the 1970s (“For Your Eyes Only”), one from the '90s (“Tomorrow Never Dies”), and one from the 2000s (“Quantum of Solace”). That's skipping a lot of Bond. On the other hand the objectification of the Bond girls from the early 1960s (“From Russian with Love” and “Thunderball” in particular) is rather startling. I would've thought that would've been more of a '70s thing.
  • I'll have a review of Daniel Anker's “Imaginary Witness: Hollywood and the Holocaust” (2004) up soon. But this is his next doc: “Sidney Lumet: A Moral Vision.” I'm there.
  • Nathaniel Stein of The New Yorker talks up Bill Clinton's conversation with the teleprompter: How he remade his much-talked-about speech at the DNC on the spot.
  • Also from the DNC: Andrew Sullivan on Obama's acceptance speech: “Obama knows how to build a speech: 'Yes, our path is harder but it leads to a better place.' The Christianity of the man shines through at moments like this. He isn't promising heaven and earth (and he didn't last time, either); he's promising persistence in defending the middle class in a globalizing world economy and increasing social and economic inequality.”
  • Philip Roth tried to get Wikipedia to change its entry on his novel “The Human Stain” but he was told he wasn't a credible source on Philip Roth. The younger Roth would've lobbed a hilarious bon mot at the site or written an article-length parody. The elder Roth just goes on and on.
  • Rightwing nutjobs on the wrong side of history in Minnesota are trying to constitutionally restrict marriage to unions between one man and one woman. But some older folks are on the right side of history.
  • Do you shut down 24-year-old phenom Stephen Strasburg when his team, the Nationals, has a chance to bring a pennant to our nation's capitol for the first time since 1933? Joe Posnanski weighs in.
  • The Angels' Mike Trout began Saturday's game with a homerun and ended it robbing Prince Fielder of a homerun. Trouth giveth, taketh.
  • Why we need more government jobs. Per Krugman.
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