Friday July 31, 2020

Lancelot Links

  • Early Silicon Valley investor Roger McNamee is getting out in a big way—writing a book “Zucked: Waking Up to the Facebook Catastrophe,” and warning people and politicians. Brian Barth's story in The New Yorker from a few months back is a bit cynical about McNamee but still eye-opening. “I was as addicted as anybody,” he says, “ but we have the power to withdraw our attention.”
  • I have.
  • I remember first reading about Google, the better search engine, in The New Yorker in 2000; I actually brought this info to people working at Microsoft, who hadn't heard of it. (I also remember how for years the search engine made me thinking not only of Barney Google but Koogle flavored peanut butter from the ‘70s, before it became establlished enough to become a verb.) Well, McNamee is not only anti-Facebook but anti-Google. He recommends DuckDuckGo, which, Barth writes, “serves up ads based on keyword searches rather than on user profiles.” I add in case any old Microsoftees are out there. 
  • The Athletic on Roberto Clemente’s year with the Montreal Royals after being signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers. Imagine if they'd held onto him. 
  • Where is your favorite Hall of Fame baseball player buried? Stew Thornley has the details. California has 21, New York 20, Pennsylvania 19, Ohio 17, Florida 16. Washington state has two, with one in Seattle—Amos Russie at Acacia Memorial Park and Funeral Home near Lake Forrest Park along the northwest part of Lake Washington. As for Minnesota? Zip. The cold, most likely.
  • Vanity Fair on how Jared Kushner's supersecretive team totally screwed up our national Covid response. “No nationally coordinated testing strategy was ever announced. The plan, according to the participant, ‘just went poof into thin air.’” Today's totals? U.S. at 4.5 million confirmed cases, 152,000 confirmed death. Our death total is approaching three times the number of Americans who died during the Vietnam War. 
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