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Sunday September 27, 2015

Lancelot Links

  • Earlier this week, Yogi Berra died. Here's the Times obit. Here's mine.
  • My friend Jerry Grillo also has a nice remembrance on meeting Yogi at the tail end of the '86 season.  
  • As soon as Yogi died, the Times' George Vecsey wrote a post about Whitey Ford now being the greatest living Yankee. My immediate thought: Wait, shouldn't that be Derek Jeter? I mean, I'm not exactly Derek Jeter's No. 1 fan, but c'mon. 
  • And just as I'm thinking, “I don't have to write a post extolling Jeter, do I?” Joe Posnanski did it for me. And with some great history about what that “greatest living Yankee” b.s. is all about.
  • Angels in the outfield: Did you see Mike Trout's catch off of Jesus Montero the other night? The ball was a no-doubter and Trout put more than half his body over the wall to bring it back. Less commented upon? That kept it 2-1, Mariners, rather than 5-1 Mariners; and though we had two on and only one out we never scored that inning. In the ninth, now 2-2, the Angels won it on a homer by David Freese to almost that exact spot.  

Mike Trout HR route off of Jesus Montero

Trout route.

  • I've often thought the Aurora Bridge in Seattle—narrow lanes, no divider—was an accident waiting to happen. This Thursday, it did
  • Here's a New York Times editorial on John Boehner's decision to resign from Congress (and of course from his role as Speaker of the House). He departs, they write, “as a figure thrown out by party zealots enthralled by a woeful Ronald Reagan dictum: 'Government is not the solution to our problems; government is the problem.'”
  • A Democratic Congressional insider writes that Boehner was never well-suited for the role of leading the Tea Partiers: “I think he lacks the blood lust that courses through so many in the G.O.P. ranks. He enjoys legislating, he likes politicians; he wants to succeed, albeit very much on his own terms. And he has a personable, thoughtful side that endears him to political adversaries and supporters alike, a contrast to the bombastic, tiresome nihilists who have driven him out of Congress.”
  • The Volkswagen scandal (cheating on emissions tests in an effort to become the world's #1 automaker) is another reason (reason #10,337, for those counting at home) why we need government regulations of industry. All you need is “a hard-charging chief executive” with lofty ambitions; the rest of us just make it happen. 
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