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Friday May 01, 2015

Lancelot Links

  • Now that Obamacare is a success, some Republicans are saying they never said the bad things they said about it. Paul Krugman responds and calls for (that once-upon-a-time GOP watchphrase) a little accountability.
  • Joe Posnanski on why his hero Sandy Koufax isn't one of the four, or five, or seven greatest living baseball players
  • Posnanski also unintentionally belittles one of my childhood heroes, Cesar Tovar, in this piece of Carl Yastrzemski, his 36th-greatest baseball player of all time. You're forgiven, Joe. Mostly.
  • Amy Schumer is getting out there: Here, it's a boy band telling its girl (Amy) she doesn't need to wear makeup. Or wait.
  • Our of our SL editors got to interview Stephen Colbert's former Super PAC lawyer Trevor Potter for our DC issue. The result is magic.
  • Also from us: An oral history of Alabama's African-American bar on the 60th anniversary of Montgomery. Included? Rosa Parks' attorney, Fred Gray, who is still practicing at 84. Most astonishing revelation for me? That until the late 1960s, the state of Alabama used to pay for African-American students to study law in another state with the hope that: 1) they wouldn't sue the University of Alabama, which was segregated; and 2) they would stay wherever they went. But many, including Gray, returned.
  • This was the week the Supreme Court heard arguments on whether there is a federal constituational right to same sex marriage. Adam Liptak reports it looks like another 5-4 nailbiter. But which way?
  • “Never before has a bona fide American smash hit exceeded its own domestic gross in a foreign territory.” So which smash hit in which foreign territory? If you read this blog more often, you'd know
  • Long read of the week: Ariel Levy, “The Price of a Life,” in The New Yorker. Basically, what happens after the Innocence Project gets an innocent person out of prison after decades behind bars?
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