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Sunday November 30, 2014

Lancelot Links

Odell Beckham catch

The Catch. The grounded, penalized Cowboy is the frosting.

  • Grantland on Odell Beckham's incredible catch last Sunday. The call it “The Catch of the Century” but of course the century's still young. Even so. What fun. What grace.
  • And the photographer by the sidelines who looks too stunned to be taking pictures? He was taking pictures, Twitter
  • ESPN's David Schoenfield gives us 10 questions (or nine questions and one comment) on this year's Baseball Hall of Fame ballot. If I had a vote? Randy, Pedro, Biggio and Bagwell (Houston's getting scammed, man), Mike Piazza, Tim Raines and—of course—Edgar Martinez. I'd have a crowded ballot but there's a lot of talent in the room. BTW, I assume Randy goes in as a Diamondback, not a Mariner. Which means Junior will be our first. As always.
  • Amir over at Film Experience, who writes about the weekend box office, does us all a service by listing the top 20 movies of 2014 that aren't 1) franchise flicks; 2) DGI spectacles; 3) animated. I.e., What used to be called “Movies for adults.” Or just “movies.” No. 1? Hint: It came out in October. And stars Ben Affleck.
  • Comedian Marc Maron's top 10 Criterion films aren't bad—although I can't watch “Straw Dogs.” And I wouldn't include “Big Chill.” But definitely Numbers 1, 5, 6 and 7. I don't know. Should I give this a try?
  • I really should have something on the Ferguson decision here, but nothing I read this week stood out. Any recommendations?
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