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Jordy's Reviews: Lincoln (2012)

My nephew Jordy, 11, doesn't hold back in his review of Steven Spielberg's “Lincoln”...

And the Oscar goes toÖ “Lincoln”! For what? Well, first, Daniel Day-Lewis will win best actor, because if he killed the role anymore he wouldíve been a zombie. Second, for the script, capturing the personalities of every single character. And last, Steven Spielberg, and I donít even have to explain why. HEíS STEVEN SPIELBERG!!! Why is this movie amazing? Why is nobody going to care about the supporting cast? Why did they call this movie Lincoln? Find out below! (Thereís no commercial break.)

Steven Spielberg's "Lincoln" (2012)“Lincoln” starts off with a civil war scene in which bayonets do their work and you see brutal war. Then we go to a part where some African-Americans have a conversation with Honest Abe. They talk about equality, and how maybe in the next 100 years, we could learn to have a black man be a colonel in the army. Than we see people who have memorized the Gettysburg Address. Sound boring? Itís not, unless youíre young or donít like history. In this scene, you learn 3 things: A), Daniel Day-Lewis is off-his-rocker good; B), the writing is great; and C), Lincoln is a hero. We already knew that, but now weíre sure.

I know Iíve mentioned it before, but the writing, by Tony Kushner, is amazing. Seriously, anyone who can make Abraham Lincoln say ďNo sight can make an Englishman shit quicker than the sight of George WashingtonĒ deserves an Oscar. The movie also has these comedy moments that are just hilarious but flow well and are believable.

After the opening scene, we learn about how Lincoln is trying to pass the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery in all its forms. We probably already know thatís why Lincoln is famous. However, Spielberg does this movie so well that even if I already know whatís going to happen, he can still make me nervous. I get nervous because the entire cast is excellent. Everybody. However, nobody will care. Why? Because Daniel Day-Lewis is too good. His performance might as well say, “I am the worldís biggest diva. Fear me, for I will outshadow all of you in every single way.” HEíS THAT GOOD!

The climax of the movie deserves its own paragraph. As I said, I donít care if I know the history, I was on the edge of my seat while they were voting whether to pass the 13th Amendment or not. Lincoln isnít even in the scene that much. Itís the Representatives, the speaker, the gallery and thatís it. Itís like a Clint Eastwood showdown, except thereís no action and everybodyís sitting. Itís that dramatic.

In the movie, there are also concerns involving family. Two of Lincolnís sons have already died. However, Robert (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), the eldest son, wants to join the army. Lincoln and his wife donít want him to join. Lincoln also has to take care of his youngest son, Thomas, who is very entertaining and is truly a kid in the movie.

The movie has great attention to detail. From the war scene being scarily realistic to how Lincoln is much taller than his wife, everything is done extraordinarily well.

The only problems I had with the movie were that it starts off a little bit slow but then it speeds up quickly and also that the main focus of the movie is about the 13thAmendment, and while there is some about Lincolnís family, itís mainly about his cabinet and himself getting the votes they need, and therefore, I felt like the title of the movie was not the best choice. Thatís it.

Before we went in the movie, I had a conversation with my mom that went a little something like this:

Mom: “Twilight” opened this weekend, and itís playing in five theatres. “Lincoln” is in one.
Me: What has our world come to?

I meant it. Seriously? Daniel Day-Lewis, Abraham Lincoln, and SPIELBERG outmatched by Robert Pattison and his vampire friends? Does anybody care about Lincoln anymore? Do they care that the person who got rid of slavery is being outmatched by Ö Bleh? No, they donít. Money is the only thing that matters in America now. Uggh!

Anyway, I think you get the point. “Lincoln” is great. Itís a great way to return to ďeverybody loves SpielbergĒ coming from the mixed reviews of ďWar Horse.Ē Although the movie had two problems, I think that we can all see the bigger picture: Lincoln is an amazingly-acted, well-written, beautiful film. Letís hope that the rest of the yearís movies can learn a lesson.


Okay For 12+ (The movie does have language, a pretty brutal war scene, and a lot of kids probably wonít even get it. Itís a parentís kind of film.)

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(Please leave a comment suggesting what to review next or what you thought of “Lincoln.” Thanks!)

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