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Jordy's Reviews: “Tangled” (2010)

Another animated review by my nine-year-old nephew Jordy...

“Tangled” is a movie that my brother told me I would not know the plot of, for he saw it before me. I knew what it was about because I had looked up plot summaries and more trailers than the ones you see on TV. But even with that, and knowing the fairy tale, there was still enough that surprised me in this movie.

“Tangled” is a great movie. The basic plot is that a witch kidnaps a girl with the biggest hair of the entire kingdom, who is also the daughter of the king and queen. Is this supposed to be Rapunzel? Yes, it is. Anyway, a handsome thief, Flynn, goes to their lair and she wants to see the golden lights that appear on her birthday, so they set off on a quest.

I know you’ve heard the story before with a little tweaks, but it works well enough. This is a movie that has songs with good lyrics and good voicing with or without songs. The action scenes are good but they lack someone achieving something. It’s pretty much use weapon, dodge, repeated over and over again. Because of that, the action scenes are a bit predictable, but still good. It’s Rapunzel who kept me attached, but for laughs, it’s definitely either the horse Maximus or Pascal the frog. All the characters are well designed and can be funny. “Tangled” has good animation and a nice landscape, although I would have liked to see an animated movie that is good when most of the time, they’re just talking. That would have been really, really cool.

Its best song is definitely “I See The Light”, although it just beats “Mother Knows Best” by a tiny bit. The dialogue is mostly a thumbs up, with only a few bad lines making it not two thumbs up. I personally think it’s just a little bit predictable. One of the movie’s main themes is that love can go a long way. It’s definitely true. The bonding between Rapunzel and Flynn is probably my favorite thing about the movie. They bond very slowly, and the bond makes you feel like the bond will grow into love. It has a nice ending that closes the story perfectly, and it definitely has a good feeling to it.

It’s better than “Megamind” and “Despicable Me,” although just by a little. The two animated films that are better than this are “Toy Story 3” and “How To Train Your Dragon”, but what animated film these days is? Just go buy tickets and see one of the best animated films of the year.

90% Okay For 4+

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