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Monday April 04, 2016

John Oliver Tears the Yankees a New One

On his “Last Week Tonight” show last night, John Oliver had a bit about the opening of the Major League Baseball season and the wonders that await us. A Cubs championship? Ichiro's 3,000th hit? A not-great Phillies Phanatic joke?

Then it got good:

There is only one thing, however, that we can all be absolutely sure of this season, and that is that the New York Yankees will continue finding ways to look like the biggest elitist assholes in all of sports.

What's fascinating is that it's not the usual elitist assholish behavior from the Yanks. It's not:

  • spending more money than any other team by far (they're No. 2 to the Dodgers)
  • assuming the best young players on marginal teams will be theirs (although Yank fans already assume Bryce Harper will wind up in pinstripes)
  • winning championships (they're in a dry spell for them: one title in 15 years)

It's none of that. This elitist assholish behavior from the Yanks involves dissing their own fans. 

They have a new policy that prevents fans from printing tickets at home. When fans complained that it would be harder to resell tickets online, Lonn Trost, the Yankees COO, whom I've actually spoken with (see: this article from 10 years ago), suggested this wasn't a bad thing, since the rich premium customers wouldn't necessarily want to sit next to, you know, the rabble. He said the following: 

Lonn Trost on John Oliver

He might not know how to act, Trost intimated. He might not know the proper way to dress. He might disturb the Yanks traditional premium club clientele. 

The true beauty is what Oliver's show decided to do about it: They bought two premium tix for the first three Yankees games, and are selling them for 25 cents apiece to the person who looks least like they've sat in a premium seat before. Brilliant.

You can see the whole thing here. 

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