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Saturday November 05, 2016

John Lewis GOTV

This was shared yesterday on Facebook by Rep. John Lewis. It should be imbedded in all of our minds and hearts and souls. The arc of the moral universe may be long, and it may bend toward justice, but it doesn't do it on its own. It needs our help. It'll need our help on Tuesday.

John Lewis GOTV

And it's not just Trump. He's simply the most noxious form of what is going on within the GOP. They are a party of denial and obstruction. They only stay in power (and they know they only stay in power) if they deny votes and obstruct legislation and progress, and then confuse the issue for the rest of us. Pay attention. Right now, the GOP is a party of rich bastards, racists, and people with zero (nada/nil) bullshit detectors. The above is still happening, just in more muted form. I think some of Trump's supporters would like to unmute it. Don't let them.


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