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Tuesday February 18, 2020

Joe vs. the Volcanic Mob

“No, I don't think the Astros used buzzers.

”And I do think that it is time for Major League Baseball to forcefully, explicitly and unequivocally say exactly that, to say that the Astros did not cheat in 2019 and all statements to the contrary are false and irresponsible unless they come with new evidence.

“We are in the middle of the feeding frenzy portion of this Astros cheating thing. Every crisis has one. It's the point where everybody the media, the others in the industry, everybody piles on and tries to push the story as far as it can go. One person suggests taking away the 2017 World Series, the next person suggest barring the Astros from postseason play for three years, the next person suggests giving all the players involved a one-year suspension, the next person suggests it should be a five-year suspension, the next person suggests pulling the Astros off television, the next person suggests taking the Astros away from Houston, on and on, there will be no end to the wrath, not until this portion of the crisis fades.”

“And it is the responsibility of MLB to try and get to the point where the crisis starts fading. There's only so much the commissioner Rob Manfred and his people can do ... but my argument here is that they have to do EVERYTHING THEY CAN to get baseball moving forward.”

— Joe Posnanski, “The Astros Experience”

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