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Saturday January 11, 2020

Joe's Top 100: 81-90

This group of 10, from Joe Posnanski's countdown of the Top 100 players in baseball history, is like the first days of spring training: pitchers and catchers reporting. These two positions make up seven of the answers. So does No. 80. But I'm getting ahead of myself. 

90 Max Scherzer NEW 60.3
89 Mike Piazza NEW 59.6
88 Curt Schilling 12 79.5
87 Charlie Gehringer -24 80.7
86 Gary Carter NEW 70.1
85 Sadahura Oh -16 n/a
84 Cool Papa Bell 15 n/a
83 Phil Niekro NEW 95.9
82 Kid Nichols -17 116.1
81 Ferguson Jenkins NEW 84.1

A lot of newbies here. I was kind of shocked Fergie Jenkins didn't make Poz's first list back in the early 2010s. Or Piazza. Or Gary Carter for that matter. Catchers keep getting overlooked thanks to WAR. 

It's now eight new names through 20 answers, which means—unless he doubles up—we‘re losing at least that many from the first list. One wonders who. Ron Santo, who had been No. 98? Lou Whitaker, a perpetual Poz talking point, at No. 97? Old Hoss Radbourn at 92 or Frankie Frisch at No. 84? Who will be the highest-ranked first listee to not make the current list? I know. There are more important things to think, but this is how my mind works.

The point of the list, really, is to read Poz’s great profiles of these great players. I've linked to a few. Have at. 

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