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Thursday April 02, 2020

Joe's Top 100: 11-20

A-Rod Day in the Bronx as the Yankees cut short his career. It rained. 

Poor Joe. After two starts and stops—one about seven years ago, the other last year or the year before—he was finally, finally going to give us his complete list of the Top 100 Players in Baseball History. He had teamed with the website The Athletic to count them down during this year's hot-stove league, one day at a time, until he finished, at No. 1, on Opening Day. 


And then it wasn‘t. 

When Opening Day was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Joe and the Athletic tried to delay the countdown just a bit. Instead of a player a day, including weekends, they’d just go with the weekdays. And instead of counting down the Top 100 every weekday, they'd add “favorite players” (Steve Dalkowski, Bo Jackson, Tony Oliva) every other day, Tuesdays and Thursdays. I guess. To me, though, it's delaying the inevitable—the list will still finish weeks or months ahead of Opening Day. That said, why the hell not. Plus I get to read about Tony Oliva.

And now, as the man used to say, on with the countdown. 

I pretty much nailed 11-20. I figured either Frank Robinson or Mike Schmidt for #20 (their numbers), and it was both. Joe did two #20s and no #19. I figured A-Rod for No. 13 (his Yankees number), rather thann No. 3 (his M‘s/Rangers number), but Joe added the two: A-Rod was No. 16. Last time on the list, I wrote this:

In the next 10, we‘ll also see Mickey, Rogers, Tris. Maybe Josh Gibson? ... Also not sure how much bWAR cred Joe gives to the steroid junkies Barry and Roger. I hope they’re not top 10 but Joe often disappoints on the subject. 

We saw Mickey (#11), Rogers (#17), Tris (#18), Josh (#15), and, yes, Roger (#13). The ones I didn’t guess? Who I thought might be Top 10? Gehrig (#14) and Wagner (#12).

Here's 11-20:

20 Frank Robinson 107.3 24 OF Orioles/Reds
20 Mike Schmidt 106.8 26 3B  Phillies
18 Tris Speaker 134 9 OF Red Sox/Indians
17 Rogers Hornsby 127 12 2B Cardinals 
16 Alex Rodriguez 117.8 16 SS/3B Yanks/Ms/Rangers
15 Josh Gibson n/a n/a C Negro Leagues
14 Lou Gehrig 112.4 18 1B Yankees
13 Roger Clemens 139.2 8 P Red Sox/Yankees
12 Honus Wagner 130.8 10 SS Pirates
11 Mickey Manle 110.3 20 OF Yankees

Who winds up No. 1? Joe has already given us 6-10 so I know the top 5. Three of the 5 are who you'd expect: Babe, Willie, Hank. There's also Barry, whom I discount more than Joe does, and Oscar Charleston, whom I don't know enough about. I assume No. 1 has to be Babe or Willie. Me, I'd go Willie. Say hey.

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