erik lundegaard

Sunday February 04, 2024

Jellybean Pie Sugar Funny Little Rub-a-Dub

“I called him, depending on the mood, Skip, Old Skip, and Boy. I have learned that when you love somebody, you will address him or her by different names.”

-- Willie Morris, “My Dog Skip”

Cf., Jellybean, Bean, Jelly, Jelly Pie, Pie, Kitten Pie, Kitten, Little One, Little, Sugar Pop, Funny Face, Funny, Rub-A-Dub. Also Jellybean Bradbury or Jellybean Lundegaard, depending on who was speaking. (Usually the opposite of the affixed surname.) I'm sure there were others. Gone two months now. 

With shaved leg after the cancer diagnosis in September. 

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