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Friday September 03, 2021

Jane Mayer's Article

I finally got around to reading Jane Mayer's article “The Big Money Behind the Big Lie,” from early August, about the people, organizations and theories behind the attempts to undermine American democracy. They're close to doing so. A few names to watch:

  • Doug Logan, the CEO of Cyber Ninjas
  • Karen Fann, president of the Arizona State Senate
  • The Heritage Foundation
  • The Federalist Society
  • The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)
  • Leonard Leo, chairman of the Federallist Society
  • Lisa Nelson, the CEO of ALEC
  • Freedom Works
  • Election Integrity Project California
  • the Lynde and Harry Bradley Foundation, Milwaukee
  • Cleta Mitchell, Bradley Foundation director, legal counsel of True the Vote, and member of Freedom Works
  • The Indepedent Legislature Doctrine
  • Chris Ruddy, founder of Newsmaxx
  • Robert George, Bradley Foundation board, former Princeton philosophy professor
  • Art Pope, libertarian discount-store magnate, Bradley Foundation board
  • Paul Clement, Kirkland & Ellis, Bradley Foundation board
  • True the Vote, right-wing poll monitor org in Texas
  • The Public Interest Legal Foundation, funded by the Bradley Foundation
  • John Eastman, one of the directors of the Public Interest Legal Foundation, who spoke with Trump about ways to void the election on Jan. 4, 2021
  • J. Christian Adams, Public Interest Legal Foundation lawyer
  • Hans von Spakovsky, Public Interest Legal Foundation lawyer and head of the Heritage Foundation's Election Law Reform Initiative
  • Shawnna Bolick, running for AZ secretary of state
  • Charlie Kirk, founder of Turning Point USA
  • Tyler Bowyer, COO of Turning Point and member of the RNC
  • Rally Forge, AZ-based marketing co. involved in troll farming, banned from Facebook
  • Jake Hoffman, president of Rally Forge, permanently suspended from Twitter
  • Jessica Anderson, executive director of Heritage Action, the politically active arm of the Heritage Foundation
  • Townhall, conservative website
  • Election Transparency Initiative
  • the Susan B. Anthony List
  • American Principles Project

Here's a good quote from Republican lawyer Benjamin Ginsberg, who for years, Mayer writes, led the party's election-law fights but is now disenchanted with the fraud taking place: “a party that's increasingly old and white whose base is a diminishing share of the population is conjuring up charges of fraud to erect barriers to voting for people it fears won't support its candidates.”

And from near the end of the article: “In the next two years, Heritage Action plans to spend twenty-four million dollars mobilizing supporters and lobbyists who will promote 'election integrity,' starting in eight battleground states, including Arizona.”

It's all about dark money preventing dark people from voting. Pay attention. I'm talking to me, too.

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