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Tuesday November 27, 2012

Jackie Robinson: Yankees ‘Got No Class’

“The Yankees always managed to emit an image of refinement but up close they could be nasty, and during the [1947] Series they'd been hurling some of the foulest racial epithets [Jackie] Robinson had heard all year. ‘They got no class,’ Robinson told one black reporter. ‘They hide in the dugout and shout at me. If they weren’t yellow, they'd come out in the open and saying something. What are they hollering? All kinds of filth. And race remarks. I wish I knew who they are. Nobody says anything when they get on base or out on the field. If they think they can upset my playing, they‘re crazy.’”

— from Jonathan Eig's book, “Opening Day: The Story of Jackie Robinson's First Season,” pg. 254.

Jackie Robinson, 1947 World Series

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