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Iwakuma's No-No in SoDo

Iwakuma no hitter

Missed it by that much! 


In April 1993 I went to two of the three games in a series the M's played against the Boston Red Sox at the Kingdome; the third game was Chris Bosio's no-hitter. It was the second no-hitter in Mariners history after Randy Johnson's in 1990.

Last night, my friend Vinny and I went to Safeco Field for the second of a three-game series against the Baltimore Orioles. It was a nice night at the park and the M's won in 10, although Vinny and I left after 9. But from that moment to today, the Orioles never managed another hit. Last night, Fernando Rodney shut them down in the 10th, 1, 2, 3, and this afternoon Hisashi Iwakuma pitched a no-hitter, the fifth no-hitter in Mariners history. Interestingly, the last three American League no-nos were all pitched by Mariners at Safeco Field: the combined one in June 2012, Felix's perfecto in August 2012, and now Kuma. 

Here's the double play that ended the 8th. Here's Kyle Seager's great catch to start out the 9th. Here's the final out of the game

One day, I wouldn't mind being at one of these, but for now I'm just happy.

Now if we could just get some hitting. 

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