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Thursday January 25, 2018

Irony & Wine

Mark Felt, 1980

Mark Felt with reporters in 1980.

I recently watched the movie “Mark Felt” (don't ask), and while doing some research for my review, I came across this ironic snippet of history.

On April 30, 1981The New York Times reported that two former FBI agents, who had recently been pardoned by Pres. Reagan, each received a bottle of champagne in celebration. 

One of the two men was Mark Felt, the No. 2 man under J. Edgar Hoover, who, in 2005, revealed that he had been “Deep Throat,” the inside man on deep background for The Washington Post's Bob Woodward during the Watergate investigation. Felt is basically the man who ended Nixon's corrupt administration.

So of course the bottles of champagne celebrating his pardon came from Richard Nixon—along with a note: “Justice ultimately prevails.”

Truer words.

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