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In the Shape I'm In

Among the 6400 items in my iTunes library are four birthday songs: The Beatles' song, first and foremost; “Happy Birthday, Lisa” from “The Simpsons” (and Michael Jackson); that Altered Images' song from the early 1980s, which I associate with a girl I had a crush on; and Loudon Wainwright's song “The Birthday Present,” from his album “The BBC Sessions.” The one I've listened to the most is the Loudon Wainwright song. No contest. I guess I'm the right age for it. I already wrote about it on this blog three years ago but it's worth repeating, particularly since today is the day. I've reached that ripe young age, that halfway point, when life surely begins. Here are some of the lyrics:

Piglet's birthday presentAnd I know that in nearly four years
Iíll be hitting 50
That ripe young age
That halfway point
When life really begins
But Saturday letís celebrate
Neither the past nor future
But the present
Here I am
In the shape Iím in!

Love that last line.

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Posted at 11:07 AM on Sun. Jan 20, 2013 in category Personal Pieces  
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