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Tuesday June 18, 2024

In 2019, Michael Schur Described Most of My Freelance Writing Career

“There's a real problem and a disconnect right now between the people who own and operate places where writing is done, and the actual writing that's being done there. The disconnect comes from the fact that the people who own and operate those sites, or those magazines, just don't care whether it's good. They don't seem to have an affinity for it. 

”To a certain extent it's true in TV, too. The bare minimum you should be, if you own a place like this, is be interested in what it makes. And I get this really unpleasant feeling that the majority of people who own the majority of places that are producing stuff, don't care about it: They don't care whether it's good, or what it's saying, or why it's saying it, or anything. That's a huge problem."

-- Michael Schur in a 2019 Poscast with Joe Posnanski

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