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Thursday April 02, 2020

If You're Wondering Where the Hell OANN Came From

“OANN [One America News Network] was founded 2013 by Robert Herring Sr., a millionaire Republican donor from San Diego who made his fortune in the circuit-board business before starting over in media. His son, Charles Herring, president of One America's parent company Herring Broadcasting, told The Post last week that the channel ”is designed to report just the news“ and that ‘we would not describe our news reporting as right-leaning.’

”But for a 2017 story, more than a dozen former and current employees described Robert Herring to The Post as a heavy-handed unofficial news director who frequently ordered coverage favorable to Trump. It was the first channel to carry Trump's 2016 campaign speeches live, and internal emails showed Herring directing that other candidates' rallies not get the same treatment.“

— from the article ”OANN threatened with removal from White House press room after correspondent Chanel Rion makes unauthorized appearances," by Paul Farhi, on the Washington Post site

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