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Thursday October 08, 2015

I Belieeeeeeeve! That One Day I‘ll See ’The Book of Mormon'

I'm obviously late to this party but I finally saw Andrew Rannells doing “I Believe” from “The Book of Mormon” on the Tony Awards in 2011. And wow:

Favorite parts/lines:

  • The lookaway he gives at “What's so scary bout that?”
  • The little nudge he gives the warlord on “...Jesus has his own planet as well.”
  • The testify dance at the end, where he's the only one testifying.
  • “And I belieeeve ... that in 1978 God changed his mind about black people!”
  • “And I belieeeve ... that the Garden of Eden was in Jackson County, Missouri!”

I also like that the clunkier beliefs are embedded in clunkier lines. And how joyous it still is.

P and I have tried to see “Mormon”a bunch of times but it's always sold out. But I believe that someday we'll have our own planet. Um, tickets.

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