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How Wrong is Joe Posnanski About Superman Movies?

Damn. I was enjoying the column, too.

In it, Joe Posnanski, my man Joe, my regular lunchtime reading, wrote about why walks are down in Major League Baseball, and why attendance is down in the American League, and he makes a joke about all the charts he's throwing up, about how “this is the chartiest post I've ever done.” So he finishes it with a flourish. He adds a line graph on his ratings for the Superman movies:

Joe Posnanski's line graph of Superman movies

A few things I don't get:

I like that he likes “Superman Returns”—that movie is way too maligned. As for his feelings about “Man of Steel”? Whatever. It's not the worst of the Superman movies—that's almost impossible. I originally had it second-best but I might drop it a bit now. Maybe below “Superman Returns”? Maybe below the Donner cut of “Superman II”? Nah. It's still #2 or #3 in my book. Or blog.

But I don't mind that Posnanski dislikes “Man of Steel” so much. That's fine. But to think the series got better with “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace”? Now that's just crazy talk.

Superman's blue eyebeams 

Superman's blue eyebeams miraculously repair the Great Wall of China in “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace.” What—you didn't know about the blue eyebeams? I think they first made an appearance in Action Comics #389: “The Shrinking Budget of Golan and Globus.”

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Tim wrote:

Interesting. Not the Superman stuff, that's just wackytalk, but theories for AL attendance. I think he's onto something with the Yankees-Red Sox-who cares view of the American League. You don't have to go back too far to when the Blue Jays, the Indians, hell even the M's drew 3,000,000, but recently the only non-NYY/BOS teams to be semi-consistently successful are in crap situations (Tampa Bay, Oakland, Detroit). Or they're the Rangers, who buck the trend...

I'd like to think it was DH backlash, though.

Comment posted on Sat. May 31, 2014 at 04:36 PM
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