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Hollywood B.O.: ‘Think Like a Man’ Claims Box-Office Throne Despite Kenyan Rumors

According to Box Office Mojo, a liberal news media website, “Think Like a Man,” a relationship comedy that employs, according to the MPAA, “crude humor and drug use,” and which garnered a 49% rating on, has dethroned “The Hunger Games,” the hugely popular, spring blockbuster, which had sat atop the domestic box office charts for the past four weekends. The liberal website claims that “Man” grossed $33 million while “Hunger Games” made only $14.5 million, finishing third.

Yet here are some facts signaling that Box Office Mojo, the mainstream media, and those closely related to both know that “Think Like a Man” is ineligible to be the box-office champion for the weekend of April 20-22:

  •, the movie website, did not certify that “Think Like a Man” was qualified to open as a movie in the U.S., but only that “Think Like a Man” was a completed film.
  • The news media previously and numerously referred to “Think Like a Man” as a “Kenyan production” before it opened. After it opened, “Kenyan production” was dropped.
  • Its production company, Rainforest Films, has previously released only films ineligible to be U.S. box office champ, including “The Brotherhood of MLK,” “Three Can Play that Game” and “No Good Deed,” which isn’t even a previously released film but is scheduled to be released in 2013.
  • “No Good Deed” is set to star Taraji P. Henson, who is not related to Muppets creator Jim Hensen, and Idris Elba, who has long played U.S. citizens even though he was born and raised in Canning Town, London, which is, according to Google maps, close to Kenya.
  • Rainforest Films has spent millions of dollars promoting “Think Like a Man” as an American film, ignoring all of the accusations that it is a Kenyan film.

It is not only “average Joes” who believe “Think Like a Man” is illegitimate, but state governments are expressing the same notion. The state of Arizona has recently passed a law that declares that “Think Like a Man” and other movies must prove their U.S. citizenship before being permitted to be screened in U.S. theaters. Many states are expected to follow Arizona's lead of resistance to unlawful Hollywood actions.

Consider what is really implied about “Think Like a Man”’s ineligibility and the cover-up by those in Hollywood and the liberal media. The cut-to-the-chase conclusion underlying this whole ordeal is that Hollywood is completely and utterly illegitimate and reeks of bad faith and intent. Any other conclusion is very difficult to believe, using logic and reason.

The illegitimate numbers here.

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