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Hollywood B.O.: Lame “Hop” still outjumps “Arthur,” “Hanna,” “Your Highness” and the “Soul Surfer”

Eesh. Not a good weekend for new movies. Four opened, but none came within half of the second weekend of “Hop,” which still dropped 42.2%.

Here's how the top six fared by gross, via, with the four new films in yellow:

Studio Weekend Gross % Change Theater Count / Change Average Total Gross
Hop Uni. $21,696,000 -42.2% 3,616 +37 $6,000 $68,152,000
Arthur (2011) WB $12,605,000 - 3,276 - $3,848 $12,605,000
Hanna Focus $12,323,000 - 2,535 - $4,861 $12,323,000
Soul Surfer TriS $11,100,000 - 2,214 - $5,014 $11,100,000
Insidious FD $9,740,000 -26.6% 2,419 +11 $4,026 $27,097,000
Your Highness Uni. $9,520,000 - 2,769 - $3,438 $9,520,000

Among the newbies, “Arthur” prevailed, barely, but it was also the movie playing in the most theaters. Take theater average and it's ladies first: “Soul Surfer,” then “Hanna,” then “Arthur,” andólast no matter how you slice itó“Your Highness.”

RT numbers†are bad on all of these, although “Hannah” almost makes the cut. IMDb numbers are bad on all of these but “Hannah” and ... “Your Highness”? Really?

RT% (top critics) rating
Arthur (2011) 25%
Hanna 57%
Soul Surfer 38%
Your Highness 10%


Does this mean “Your Highness” delivers for its core audience, which is small and stoned? It'll be interesting to see how the films fall off next weekend. Or by how much “Your Highness”'s IMDb numbers fall off.


On the plus side, “Sucker Punch” shed half its theaters and is already out of the top 10.

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