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Hollywood B.O.: First Weekend of 'MIB III' Outgrosses Fourth Weekend of 'The Avengers'

For the first time this month, a movie other than “The Avengers” won the weekend. Three-day estimates have “MIB III,” or the third installment of the “Men in Black” series, which began when Clinton was president, in first place with $55 million. “The Avengers,” dropping just 33%, is in second place with $36.9 million. In third place, one-time tentpole “Battleship” fell nearly 60% to $10 million. Its overall 10-day gross is just $44 million. Sunk. Won't have to worry about those damned sequels.

“MIB”'s numbers aren't sunk but they're not great, either. Its opening weekend numbers have grown somewhat since its first release:

  • Men in Black (1997): $51 million on its way to $250 million 
  • Men in Black II (2002): $52 million on its way to $190 million
  • MIB III (2012): $55 million on its way to...?

That's unadjusted, of course. Adjust for inflation and you have this:

  • Men in Black (1997): $88 million on its way to $432 million 
  • Men in Black II (2002): $71 million on its way to $259 million
  • MIB III (2012): $55 million on its way to...?

I'm guessing less than $200 million. Ten years is a long time between second and third sequels, “Back in Time” tagline notwithstanding. Four years is a long time for a movie star to disappear—even one as popular as Will Smith. Redford did it once and stopped being Redford.

On the plus side, the reviews were OK: 68% on Rotten Tomatoes vs. 39% for “Men in Black II.”

When “Men in Black” premiered in 1997, Smith was in his late 20s; he went on to become the world's biggest movie star. He's in his 40s now, with two teenaged kids, yet he seems to be playing the same guy: the mouthy upstart. Is there another role we want to see him in? Soon? Fifty ain't far off. Unfortunately, according to IMDb, these are the movies on his plate: “I, Robot II,” “Hancock II,” “Bad Boys III.” No new ideas for W. Smith.

“The Avengers,” a semi-new idea, continues to amaze at the box office. Its domestic total is now at $513 million, so it should pass “The Dark Knight” ($533m) by Wednesday or Thursday for third place on the all-time domestic chart. Another $33 million and it'll pass the last “Harry Potter” for third place on the all-time worldwide chart, too. Then on both charts it'll just have James Cameron in front of it. But that's rarefied air. Movies tend to slow down there and begin to choke. We'll see how Marvel's superheroes do.

The flashy-thing numbers here.

MEN IN BLACK posters

Adjusted for inflation, these movies grossed the following on opening weekend: $88 million, $71 million, $55 million. A trend.

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