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Saturday November 19, 2011

Hollywood B.O.: Breaking Dawn Breaking Records

So “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1” grossed as much Friday ($72 million) as “Moneyball” has in a month and a half ($72.24 million). Sad. It's the third-highest single-day total ever, after the final “Harry Potter” earlier this summer ($91 million) and “Twilight: New Moon” two years ago November ($72.7 million).

Watch it drop like a rock. Friends are already posting their Facebook reviews and they're not pretty (the reviews; the friends are fine):

Go see Breaking Dawn if you want to die of boredom, cringe at the abysmal acting and horrendous dialogue, and laugh at all the wrong places.


I can't say I didn't deserve or expect it, BUT. Worst movie ever!!

Meanwhile, IMDb begins its commentary on the knock-out opening thus:

The Twilight phenomenon showed no signs of fading on Friday...

Isn't this the second-to-last one? So isn't that fading? Please say it is.

Meanwhile, waiting for “Hugo.”

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