Monday April 30, 2012

Hollywood B.O.: Avengers Assembled! ... Overseas

Over the weekend I 'liked' Box Office Mojo's Facebook page and one of the first status updates I saw was its query, “What did you see this weekend?” It was a rather drab weekend at the box office—“Think Like a Man” won for the second weekend in a row with $17.6 million, yawn—but “Think Like a Man” wasn't the most popular answer from FB users. Neither were any of the debut movies: “The Five-Year Engagement” ($10.6 million), “Safe” ($7.8 million) and “The Raven” ($7.2 million).

No, the most popular answer, by far, was a movie that grossed $178 million over the weekend.

Wait. $178 million? I thought you said “Think Like a Man” won with $17.6 mil?!?

I did. And it did. In the U.S.

But overseas, “The Avengers,” that All-American group (well, Black Widow, Thor), debuted in 39 countries, and rocked 'em and socked 'em. It set opening weekend records in Mexico, Brazil, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Hong Kong. It killed in Australia and the UK and France. Its $178 million overseas gross is the ninth-best ever. And that's what all those international FB users were talking about. They were raving about “The Avengers.” Because they'd all seen it. Elsewhere.

In the U.S.? Sloppy seconds.

Among the FB comments:

  • Wow, it actually got some pretty good reviews too here in Finland. The reviewer for the national broadcasting company YLE gave it 4/5 stars. This is pretty impressive for a comic book-movie.
  • Really good movie, I saw it two times already in Dominican Republic! Really good 3D!!
  • So glad Whedon is finally getting his due with the mainstream.
  • How do people in Iran get to see Avengers before U.S.?
  • Jealous much, americans?! :P

We assemble Friday. 'Nuff said.

That's right, Cap: You can be seen in the Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Romania, South Africa, South Korea, Taiwan and the UK ... but not in America. Yet.

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