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Hollywood B.O.: '42' is More Than '5'

“42,” the Jackie Robinson biopic written and directed by Brian Helgeland, grossed more than $27 million at the weekend box office for the top spot. It's the biggest opening weekend for a baseball movie ever, beating out (believe it or not) “Benchwarmers,” the Rob Schneider comedy, which opened at $19.6m in 2006 (on its way to $59.8m), and “Moneyball,” which opened at $19.5 in 2011 (on its way to $75.6m). Even if you adjust for inflation “42” is still the biggest baseball opener. “A League of Their Own,” now No. 2, opened at an adjusted $26.6m in 1992.

Though I had my problems with “42,” word-of-mouth is pretty good, so it might have a shot of breaking the all-time box-office record for a baseball movie: “A League of Their Own” at $107m. (“Moneyball” is No. 2). Adjusted, it has no shot. It's “League” with $208m.

The other movie opening wide was “Scary Movie V.” Here's the top 10 for the weekend:

Title Wknd Gross
% Change Thtrs Average Total Gross Week
1 42 $27,250,000 - 3,003 $9,074 $27,250,000 1
2 Scary Movie 5 $15,153,000 - 3,402 $4,454 $15,153,000 1
3 The Croods $13,200,000 -36% 3,689 $3,578 $142,524,000 4
4 G.I. Joe: Retaliation $10,800,000 -48% 3,535 $3,055 $102,426,000 3
5 Evil Dead
$9,500,000 -63% 3,025 $3,140 $41,500,000 2
6 Jurassic Park 3D $8,820,000 -53% 2,778 $3,175 $31,929,000 2
7 Olympus Has Fallen $7,283,000 -28% 2,935 $2,481 $81,890,000 4
8 Oz The Great and Powerful $4,923,000 -39% 2,504 $1,966 $219,444,000 6
9 Tyler Perry's Temptation
$4,500,000 -55% 1,805 $2,493 $45,422,000 3
10 The Place Beyond the Pines $4,080,000 480% 514 $7,938 $5,455,000 3

Source: Box Office Mojo

Quick poll. What's the scariest thing about the above list?

  • “Scary Movie V” still grossed $15 million despite a 5% Rotten Tomatoes rating and a 0% Top-Critics RT rating, with sentiments from critics such as these:
    • If I ever have to watch another Scary Movie film, I'll give up on writing, cinema, and society forever. --Matt Donato
    • I have been to funerals a LOT less sad than this laughless 85 minutes. --Teddy Durgin
    • This is the sort of movie where you feel bad for Sheen and Lohan, because they hadn't actually hit rock bottom until they agreed to appear in it. --Alonso Duralde
  • “GI Joe: Retaliation” has now grossed more than $100 million at the box office.
  • There's not one movie in the top 10 you want to see. 

I am happy for “42,” Jackie, and baseball movies in general. Will more be greenlit? Or one? May I put in a vote for a screen adaptation of Jane Leavy's Mickey Mantle bio?

Jackie Robinson rounds third in "42"

Pick your baseball metaphor: “42” hits homerun, scores, beats competition, gets patted on the ass by American moviegoers.

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