Friday April 03, 2020

Hit Them Hard with the Truth

AOC is at it again. Thank god:

For most of my adult lifetime, Dems have tried to counter the usual Fox lies with the truth but they almost seem embarrassed to have to do it. Because it's tough to, you know, sorta kinda let the other side know that, well, they‘re really saying things that are viewed, by most people at least, as, I guess factual is the best word to use here. AOC don’t play that. She plays hardball. We need her to do so. We need all of us to do so. Scatter the bullshit artists. Hound them. Reveal their lies. Reveal their financial backers. Yes. Just who are the millionaires and billionaires who are running this game? And to what end?

Hit them hard with the truth. Make it sting like a bee. 

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