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Hey Kids, Help Mariners Manager Lloyd McClendon! What's YOUR 2014 Mariners Lineup Look Like?

Yesterday I tweet-riffed (tweefed?) when I saw that Mariners manager Lloyd McClendon had Kyle Seager, the second-best hitter on the team, batting sixth, behind such stalwarts as Chris Denorfia (.209), Kendrys Morales (.221) and Corey Hart (.197).

I wasn't the only one. From David Schoenfeld, a Seattle native, in his post, “Ten Questions for the Stretch Run”:

Look, Lloyd McClendon doesn't have a lot of great options once he gets past Cano and Kyle Seager, especially with the somewhat hot Dustin Ackley out with a sprained ankle. Seattle MarinersBut why was he hitting Seager sixth Sunday? OK, Jon Lester, lefty-lefty matchup, I see that. Seager is still one of his better hitters against left-handers (not that he's great with a .255/.306/.385 line). Plus, Lester is actually a reverse platoon, so batting Chris Denorfia (.203 with the Mariners) and Corey Hart (.201 on the season) in the second and fifth spots and moving Seager down is one of worst decisions I've seen all season. There is zero logic behind it. None. ...

M's lost 4-0. They're now a game back in the Wild Card hunt.

Schoenfeld's right: McClendon doesn't have a lot of great options, but he does have better ones. Example: I know he hasn't played long—35 games, 99 at-bats—but Chris Taylor may have the best batting eye on the team. At least, within this small sample size, he's leading the team in walks/at-bats ratio. Yep, better than Robinson Cano. When he plays, he's usually batting eighth or ninth. But why not second? Sure, righty/righty, lefty/lefty if you go Jackson, Taylor, Cano, Seager. But do you have to mix it up that much when you have so few options?

Go something like this maybe?

  1. Jackson, CF (R)
  2. Taylor, SS (R)
  3. Cano, 2B (L)
  4. Seager, 3B (L)
  5. Zunino, C (R)
  6. Saunders, RF (L)
  7. Ackley, LF (L)

Then pick your poison for DH and 1B—two positions, by the way, that should be batting much higher in the order. If we just had anyone good in them.

I don't know. What's your Sept. 2014 Mariners lineup look like?

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Posted at 02:15 PM on Mon. Sep 15, 2014 in category Seattle Mariners  


Tim wrote:

CF Jackson (for lack of anyone better — the K rate is brutal) R
RF Saunders L
2B Cano L
3B Seager L
LF Ackley (if hurt, then Chávez/Denorfia) L (L/R)
1B Smoak/Morrison S/L
DH Morrison/Hart L/R
C Zunino R
SS Miller/Taylor L/R

DH is awful, and I can see why Lloyd bats Morales cleanup (to break up the lefties), but I didn't want Morales in the spring, didn't want him as the year started, didn't want him in June, don't want him now. The occasional homer doesn't offset the double-plays and .210 BA. Bob Melvin very smartly was walking/pitching around Cano TO GET TO THE CLEANUP BATTER. Bad as he's been, I'd rather have Smoak in the lineup than Morales; at least he plays a slick 1B, and you don't lose anything at bat (sadly).

Zunino has pop, but I favor him at the bottom. Sub-.200 with a ton of strikeouts. He'll get better, but not this year.

Comment posted on Mon. Sep 15, 2014 at 03:41 PM

Erik wrote:

Tonight, LM tried Ackley in the two hole. Not a bad pick. I like Saunders there, though. If he could ever stay healthy long enough.

I'd go Zunino higher because of the 20 HRs; and because there's nobody else.

Might all be moot since Iwakuma seems to have lost it.

Comment posted on Mon. Sep 15, 2014 at 09:09 PM
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