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Thursday July 04, 2019

Happy 4th

Trump's tweet from last February. In case you were holding the date:

What a fucking embarrassment that is. “...your favorite President, me!” Who talks like that? Who needs to talk like that? What a small sad soul it reveals.

As if we needed that revelation. Trump is the anti-Midas: Everything he touches turns to shit. Now he's doing it to the 4th of July. The Washington Post has a good piece on all the work to mangle our national holiday to please this idiot

The transformation of the Lincoln Memorial's grounds into a made-for-TV setting, complete with a VIP seating section for donors and other political supporters, represents the culmination of a four-month-long effort to produce the military celebration the president has envisioned for nearly two years.

For a public gathering that is ostensibly targeting an audience of hundreds of millions of Americans, the display of weaponry, aircraft and pyrotechnics has been scripted primarily to satisfy an audience of one. By having Trump speak to a select audience, flanked by armored tactical vehicles, organizers hope he will avoid the prospect of facing a smaller crowd of the sort that gathered on the Mall for his swearing-in.

It goes on to remind us of the lengths Trump went, and still goes, to prove the lie that his inaugural crowd was bigger than Obama's. Who does that? Who needs to do that? And what horrible person/people/news network/FOX News Network cheers him on to do that? Who knows what he is and applauds the baby anyway. 

What a fucking embarrassment. Happy 4th. 

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