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Greatest Gatsby

Why Great Gatsby is the Great American Novel

The quote comes via the American Writers Museum in Chicago, which I visited shortly after it opened in 2017. (Hopefully they‘re aware of E.L. Doctorow by now.)

If I had to choose a Great American Novel, it would be either “Huck Finn” (rural, poor, doing the right thing despite mores and one’s own inclinations) or “Gatsby” (urban, rich, remaking oneself to fit a dream). Both speak the American vernacular. Both are in the first person. Maybe the Great American Novel has to be in the first person because we are.

Pick up “Gatsby” and read that first page. It'll be 100 years old in 2025 and it sounds like today.

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Posted at 02:45 PM on Sun. Mar 03, 2019 in category Quote of the Day  
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