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Sunday June 09, 2013

Great Caesar's Ghost! It's the Perry White Slideshow!

  • Perry White and Jimmy Olsen
    We won't call him “Chief” in this slideshow, but we will call out the changes to Perry White in his various cinematic and TV incarnations over the years. Shall we begin, Chief? I mean, Sugar? I mean, Paris? Enough. Let's get started ...
  • The unnamed city editor in the Max Fleischer Superman cartoons
    1941: In the Max Fleischer cartoons, he's an unnamed “Chief Editor,” but we all know who that is: George Taylor. Sorry, Paris White. Sorry, Perry White. George was the original comic book incarnation, Paris was the original radio incarnation, but they quickly changed “Paris” to “Perry.” Because Paris? I mean, c'mon.
  • Pierre Watkin in the 1948 serial "Superman," starring Kirk Alyn.
    1948: The first live-action actor to portray Perry White was Pierre Watkin in the 1948 serial “Superman.” White is gruff, impatient, and the man everyone in Metropolis turns to when trouble brews. When Superman captures a crook, he brings him to Perry rather than the cops. When the villainous Spider-Lady contacts the cops, it's so they can forward a message to Perry White. He's BMOC: Big Man of Metropolis. 
  • Perry White got everything wrong in "Atom Man vs. Superman."
    1950: Two years later, it was the reverse. Perry White got everything wrong in “Atom Man vs. Superman.” He thinks Lex Luthor has gone legit, accuses both Jimmy Olsen and Lois Lane of being hypnotized, pressures Lois into writing a “Is Clark Kent Superman?” story without evidence, and can't even find a match with which to light his cigar.
  • John Hamilton as Perry White in "Adventures of Superman"
    1953: For the 1950s TV show, the role was taken over by another no-nonsense, gruff persona: John Hamilton.
  • Perry White in the 1966 Filmation cartoon, "The New Adventures of Superman."
    1966: Here's how Perry was portrayed in the 1966 Filmation cartoon, “The New Adventures of Superman.” The cigar is still in place.
  • Jackie Cooper as Perry White in 1978's "Superman: The Movie"
    1978: As here. 1930s icon Jackie Cooper was tapped to play Perry White in the 1978 movie “Superman” after Keenan Wynn, the original choice, developed heart trouble. He rocked the role. 

  • 1987: By the last, sad chapter of the Christopher Reeve movies, “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace,” Jimmy Olsen's going bald, Lois Lane looks like Superman's mother, and Perry White has shrunk and lost his cigar. 

  • 1988: A year later, for the Ruby-Sears Superman Saturday-morning cartoon, he's gained the weight back. In fact, he looks more like a villain than the avuncular city editor. He's like Edward G. Robinson here, see? Hey, Robby would've made a good Perry, wouldn't he? 
  • Lane Smith as Perry White in "Lois & Clark"
    1993: In 1948, Perry White had Abraham Lincoln on his wall; in 1993, he has Elvis Presley. Veteran actor Lane Smith is both gruff and comic-relief in the “Lois & Clark” television series.
  • Frank Langella as Perry White in "Superman Returns" (2006)
    2006: Frank Langella, a towering presence, played Perry White a bit softer in “Superman Returns.” His one “Great Caesar's Ghost!” was spoken sotto voce, in amazement, as Superman catches and places gently on the ground, as if he were Atlas, the Daily Planet icon from the roof of the building.
  • Larry Fishburne as Perry White in "Man of Steel" (2013)
    2015: Larry Fishburne steps into the role in “Man of Steel,” out this week. The question remains whether he'll say “Great Caesar's Ghost!” (doubtful) or smoke a cigar (even more doubtful). Hell, it remains to be seen whether The Daily Planet will survive the digital age. Now that's a job for Superman. *FIN*
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