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Saturday November 05, 2016

GOTV 2016

I posted this last night on Facebook:

According to, Hillary's chances have gone down more than 20% in the last week—from 85% to 64%, with many of the swing states now swinging the other way. This is a direct result of FBI director James Comey's unprecedented, unethical, possibly illegal meddling, which somehow he's gotten away with, just as Trump has gotten away with not disclosing his taxes, being caught on camera bragging about groping women, chastising a Gold Star family, etc., etc. He's a disgusting, incompetent, race-baiting SOB who never did anything for anyone but himself. He may be, as the ghost writer for his book “The Art of the Deal” called him, a sociopath.

And he's this close to being president of the United States.

So today I donated to Hillary's campaign again, and I'll be part of the “get out the vote” campaign this weekend. I'd recommend anyone who can do this, do it. Donate or GOTV. Or both.

If you have any friends on the left who are not voting for Hillary, warn them. If you have friends on the right, tell them about all of the Republicans who are voting for Hillary. I don't want to wake up Wednesday morning with a President-Elect Trump. I can't even imagine the consequences to America and the world.

So do what you can. GOTV. Or just the V: vote.

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