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Good-Bye, Mr. Snappy

“What was the worst thing that Michael Jordan could do to you? He can go dunk on you. He could embarrass you. What's the worst thing Randy Johnson can do to you? He can kill you.”

óJeff Huson on the fear of facing Randy Johnson, who retired yesterday with a 303-166 record, 3.29 ERA and 4875 strikeouts against only 1497 walks. First ballot Hall-of-Famer in five years, he'll go in, unfortunately, as an Arizona Diamondback. More wins as a Mariner but those Cy Youngs stacked high in Arizona. Some links:

I'd include more but makes it difficult to find video (no rebroadcast, kids, without express written consent), and then you have to sit through a 30-second commercial for a 12-second clip. But we know the highlights. The no-hitter in 1990. The Kruk at-bat in the '93 All-Star game. The one-game playoff with California in '95. Coming in from the bullpen (“Welcome to the Jungle”) in Game 5 against NY. The Larry Walker All-Star at-bat. Striking out 19. Striking out 20. Coming in from the bullpen in Game 7 against NY. The perfect game. No. 300.†

Good-Bye, Mr. Snappy. We hardly saw ye.

Posted at 08:06 AM on Wed. Jan 06, 2010 in category Baseball  


Uncle Vinny wrote:

Plus? That one time? When he totally hit that bird? Poof! Poor bird.
Comment posted on Wed. Jan 06, 2010 at 11:48 AM

Mister B wrote:

As Erik has heard from me several times, I saw that 1990 no-hitter in person. Saturday, June 2, 1990. Detroit Tigers. 20,014 tickets sold. I didn't look at the scoreboard for the last three innings because I got superstitious seeing all of those zeroes.

His 1990 no-hitter was his first CG SHO. He walked six -- including the bases loaded in the first. How many pitchers can say that about their first no-no?
Comment posted on Wed. Jan 06, 2010 at 12:31 PM
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